Families & Their Advisors

What makes graymatter different

  • We know that wealth is a gift; it should not be given power to divide or destroy relationships
  • We know that each family member’s intellectual, social, human wealth are legitimate family assets
  • We know that the intellectual, social, and human assets of family members are largely ignored, undeveloped, or unrecognized
  • We know that the risks enabled by lack of attention to these assets are primarily responsible for the success of the three-generations proverb
  • We know that wealth should serve the family; that the family should not be servants of the wealth
  • We know that a family’s maze of generational perspectives creates the dynamics of interaction among family members
  • We know that family dynamics have the largest and most clandestine impact on decisions made about the material and financial wealth. This includes estate, succession, asset location, and other planning strategies.

We focus on the foundational sources for the healing of relationships around money. Our founder has been a professional in the wealth management industry since 1988 and has depth of experience both as a financial advisor and as a family office expert.

That background positions graymatter uniquely in the industry to integrate the relationships between family and advisors so that the family’s authentic goals are more robustly supported by its team of advisors.

More on the graymatter difference.

Families of Wealth

graymatter works with families to integrate and enhance their various forms of wealth, ensuring that all family assets—those hidden as well as recognized—are developed to benefit each family member as well as the family as a whole and society at large.

Their Advisors

graymatter assists advisors in developing a family office level of service to wealthy individuals and families by promoting advisory relationships that are focused on greater alignment of investment, tax, and legal strategies with the family’s authentic goals

A note from our Founder: Why graymatter was formed:

This business was formed to enable me to fulfill a personal mission. I come from one of the most dysfunctional families around money one will ever see. We’ve not spoken to each other over money issues. We eventually–both sides–successfully renegotiated our relationship. It’s not perfect and nothing close to what any of us would like it to be. But we now can enjoy each other and treasure the relationship we do have. Our conversations around money are completely different than they used to be.

Wealth should be a gift, not a divisive force. My mission is to save as many families as possible from ever experiencing the pain and separation my family and I felt. If I can do that through this company I’ve founded, I will have left an acceptable mark on the world.