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Wealth Optimization Consulting

Welcome to Wealth Optimization Consulting!
A new, integrated service model designed from the needs of wealthy investors
to meet the needs of wealthy investors

A service model that truly puts the client first, Wealth Optimization Consulting™ is the interweaving of integrated wealth management* with the decision-making influences of family dynamics and generational dynamics to optimize all forms of a family’s wealth.  The case studies below illustrate the unmistakable influence of family and generational dynamics on wealth management decisions.

Case Study 1  •  Case Study 2  •  Case Study 3

graymatter has developed a set of diagnostic tools which include questions specifically designed to uncover indications requiring the new service model, plus a set of matrices to help quantify the more qualitative issues involved in Wealth Optimization Consulting™.

  • Wealth Optimization Matrix I™ identifies the roles played by people involved with the wealth and the generational influences at work
  • Wealth Optimization Matrix II™ identifies the goals that may or may not be shared by everyone involved with the wealth
  • Wealth Optimization Matrix III™ identifies strategic asset allocation buckets for each pocket of wealth based on the multiple goals identified by Matrices I and II   

Wealth Optimization Consulting™ may include any or all of the following, however, the initial assessment and recommendation session is a prerequisite for choices b, c, and d:

  • Initial assessment and recommendation session
  • Strategic business development for advisors
  • Family governance consulting (for families and/or their advisors)
  • Customized educational/training courses

Such consulting will be customized based on the client’s needs and objectives and may include a combination of choices a, b, c, and d to yield the most productive results.
For more information on Wealth Optimization Consulting™ or the Wealth Optimization Matrices™, please contact Lisa Gray at lisa@graymatterstrategiesllc.com or 901.522.0025.

*see “Integrated Wealth Management: The New Direction for Portfolio Managers, 2nd Edition ” by Jean L.P. Brunel

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